Have you ever heard about the crazy story where a man obtaining a new house through a series of exchange, and it only cost him a red paperclip? Money, is the most common currency for trade, it is also the least interesting medium that a mind can think of. Transferring value should be more exciting and satisfying.

[Exchange] is taking us on an exploration to discover
The different values of our gives and takes.

What would you give up in order to exchange for light in your life? Balance Lamp gives your belongings a new definition of worth, measured in brightness. Go ahead and put something on its weight, discover the value for light.

Implant is a hospitable chair which invites people to have a seat. Once you accept the invitation, the chair will secretly detect the color scheme and patterns of your apparel and give you a special private moment as a return.

It is a picture of a lamp, but when you pull the switch, light comes out of from within the picture. CAMO comes in different styles and different picture themes, but in general it is a piece of art display that no one would expect it to shine as a light source. Designed with the essence of magic, CAMO exchanges the border between reality and fantasy with a simple light switch; granting the atmosphere a magical sensation.

Free as a balloon, UP could be bent ino any direction. Just like a balloon, this interactive design encourages you to pump it to shine the bulb; turning physical energy to brightness, the most measurable method in exchange for light.

Exhibition / SUPERDESIGN Show
Location / Superstudio Più- Via Tortona 27, 20144 Milan
Date / 14th -19th April 2015  Press Preview / 13th April 2015

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PEGA D&E is the design team of PEGATRON Corporation During the long term development, PEGA D&E has always aimed to break through the boundaries and create possibilities of cross-field collaborations. Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on our projects, or to just say hello!