“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

Present Perfect is a reflection on the experience of the here and now: how to create enjoyable and meaningful instants when people interact with everyday appliances? The objects on show were designed to express the beauty of the mundane and the importance of the ephemeral through their playful shapes, ingenious behaviors and sensual textures.


As kids grow up, what else is growing with them? Beanstalk is a soft flexible appliance that keeps track of children's growth process, not only in terms of height or age, but also in terms of how the family grows together.


At first glance, the household devices appear to be nothing more than two-dimensional graphics that can be attached onto walls; however, a slight pull out motion can transform the seemingly flat abstractions into functional three-dimensional appliances.


ColorUp is a lamp that can mimic the color of any physical object or surface. Users can grab the light bulb sampler to capture hues from real objects; whenever the light bulb is put back in the lampshade unit, the sampled color spreads to the whole lamp.

+- Desk

Even in this post-digital age, physical chaos - in the form of growing piles of papers and devices - remains one of the banes of office productivity. What if objects that are useful but not needed all the time could conveniently be activated or deactivated just like software applications?


Do we take modern conveniences for granted? Attentive is an autonomous rolling speaker that plays music only if people are present. Once human presence is detected Attentive turns to face the public and starts performing.

Crease Light

Even a simple table lamp can create a mood-enhancing instant. Crease Light combines traditional paper folding techniques and current LED technology into a compact form.