Wilona is a functional modern wrist watch with a classy exterior design.
The multi-mode interface can satisfy the entire user’s need in life, work, and leisure activity.

Since the beginning of smartphone era, the function of telling time no longer requires a watch; however, the fashion significance of a watch still continues to strive on. It is 2015, the technology wristwatch has enter its 4th year of development, and major brands are all fighting for this market, trying to lead this new decade. Wristwatch is a highly visible fashion accessory, and that is the key purchase motive for youngster as it is both fashionable and provides add-on function for their smart device; however, for the generation who used to wear watches, it is important that these new functions should accompany the traditional habits and value.

Wilona smart watch was exhibited at 2015 Computex. It is a beautiful product, but more importantly, it is a demonstration of integration advantages. Under one year period of time, PEGA D&E and its mother company PEGATRON collaborated in Wilona’s development. The result was an elegantly designed wristwatch with an effortless production line. Many other brands have developed similar products, but none had the advantage Wilona possess.


A Light Travel in the Cities

Wilona has incorporated popular built in abilities such as electronic compass, gyroscope, and accelerometers. It allows the device to effectively calculate acceleration and movement information, and use it to provide a more precise GPS positioning. It brings easy travel to a whole new level. The exterior design of Wilona conserves the visual classiness of traditional wristwatches; the watch look weighty, but in fact, is light and handy.

Enjoy Endless Music

Wilona comes with 4GB built-in memory to store your favorite music. The built-in mini speaker allows you to enjoy music while exercising; additionally, the Bluetooth transmitter gives you wireless music on the go. Wilona gives you freedom with less hassle.

Real-time Exercise Data Recording

Wilona has an IP55 water/dust protection certification and is built with a 9-Axis motion sensor to record your exercise patterns; athletes can use these data to adjust and enhance the exercise result. More health data tracking include: step counters, calorie burning, exercise duration, heart rate counter.

Data Connectivity: Always

Wilona incorporates Android Wear wearable device system, one of its key feature is the function of voice control. By saying the pre-set voice command, Wilona can provide you information about weather, news, distance, and even restaurant information. Finding directions has never been easier.

Easy to use, Low Battery Consumption

With the accelerometers, users can “wake up” the watch just by lifting their hands; in this situation, we can lower the battery consumption by a great amount. Under normal use, Wilona can provide over 20 hours of battery life; if accompanied with the rechargeable wristwatch band, it can provide a few hours more of electricity.