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Tsz Tsz in English looks like the same two words repeated; however, in Chinese, these two words have two different meaning, character and pronunciation; the first Tsz means magnetized and the second Tsz stands for porcelain plates - China.

Tsz Tsz is a business gift for Pegatron Corporation. It is a fusion between time and space, western and eastern, culture and technology. Fusion is what Pegatron do best, they acquire the energy & creativity from the design team, fulfill it, making it come into life by professional knowledge and technology from the manufacture team.


All in the Details

A good design improves our quality of living, a good design also, of course, gains cultural acceptance from the users. The afternoon tea set–Tsz Tsz is a great example of these principles. The tea set is reconstructed with modern technology, granting particular areas with the properties of magnets. The magnet adapts to the clean, simple linings of the plate and holds the tea spoon steadily on the side of the plate; this thoughtful feature grants the users with a firm, sophisticated yet relaxing afternoon tea experience.