In 2012, Microsoft introduced their new touch screen operating system – the Windows 8. With the ongoing trend of touch screen interaction technology and with the launch of soon to be the world wide operating system, manufactures from laptop, desktop, pads and A-O-I computers are all investing their resource and energy into the war of developing the most compatible hardware for the market.

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    Introducing Thor

    Windows 8 supports multi touch interaction, it is an advance in technology which we can all appreciate; however, there are still limitations which we can break through and improve. For example, while using Windows 8, we are still bounded to use the computer at certain environment because of hardware limitations. As users, we don't want to be trapped by these boundaries while using technology.

    We have a solution, it’s called Thor. Thor is an 18.4 inch wireless touch display which is accompanied by a hard drive sized wireless dongle. While comparing Thor to other hardware devices, it shows most resemblance with A-I-O computers; however, Thor does not have a processing system. Thor communicates with any computers which run on Windows 8 through its wireless dongle; the processing is done on the host computer while the result is shown on Thor. To better understand what Thor does, we can compare Thor to other devices; Thor offers better mobility than desktop computers; Thor offers better presentation conveniences than laptops (the most common reason to laptop hard drive failure is movements while laptop is turned on / sleep); while comparing to pads, Thor offers full potential of processing power; last but not least, Thor is much lighter and greatly more affordable compared to A-I-O computers. Thor is the perfect device to use in a home environment for file and picture sharing among family members.

    The Specs

    Thor is a 10 point multi touch display with built in battery and wireless adaptor. The device is 2.26kg in weight and 16.5mm in thickness. Thor completely removes all I/O devices from the panel but offers a docking station which has charging ability and supporting I/O ports. The horizontal drawing structure allows users to adjust the screen for better viewing angles and can be easily detached and carried.

    The Future Trend

    Computers these days are powerful and have already exceed our normal daily usages. One of the great concepts of Thor is the integration into desktop computers. With multi-threading technology, computers can simultaneously process activates like internet browsing, facebook, movies, Microsoft office and even gaming. Thor is not aimed to replace computer screens, it is however, the future trend to introduce and extend our smart-home experience.