In the past few years, sales number in traditional desktop computer has been slowly but steadily decreasing. This is not a surprise to the industry because pad computers have been providing better mobility, easier human interaction and a more desirable fashion statement. Pad computers are great; however, they are still lacking of computing power and multitasking ability from traditional computers. This is why when we introduce the new Stick PC, we know it will be the new trend setter for the next few years.

When you look at Stick PC, it is quite impossible to determine what it is; judging by its size, it looks like a battery or a hard drive; judging by its shape, it looks like a decorative art piece in a modern art exhibition. You would probably guess many things before you realize that Stick PC is a fully capable operating system, compacted with a wireless 500GB hard drive and detachable hardware components such as speakers, projector and battery. Stick PC utilizes the most essential computer components, allowing it to remove the standard computer fans while savoring its computing power. This technology not only greatly reduces the size and the weight of Stick PC (under 500g), but it also gave Stick PC a very unique placement in the competitive computer industry.

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    Making the Transitions Stick

    Pad computers are great; they are especially great for their light weight mobility and easy access to do presentation. Pad computers are great, but let's face it; it is still easier to do real computer work on a 23 inch screen than on an 8 inch window. For Stick PC, as long as you have a HDMI cable, you can stick it to any screen in your office, in your reading room, in your hotel… basically anywhere with a screen. While we're on the subject of screen, what happens if you can't find a monitor? How about a surface, the attachable projector component lets you present to a small crowd faster, clearer, smarter and cooler; pad computers let you present to one or two individual while Stick PC aims to present to few clients, more friends and the whole family. Of course, Bluetooth apps and remote controlling ability are the standard technology to improve the user experience while using Stick PC.

    While Stick PC is a powerful and unique device of tomorrow, it isn't aiming to replace the original systems of any environment today; instead, it wants to become the bridge that improves the transitions while working through these environments. If you're businessman, this tool is going to help you seal better deals. If you're a traveling hipster, you're going to enjoy the light weight and the attention. If you're a technology junkie… I guess I just need to provide you with the information of how to get this amazing product, don't I?

    So stick Stick PC in your suitcase, stick it in your backpack or you luggage, stick it to your rundowns and stick it to your meetings, because it always feels great to bring the future with you.