Examining the present

When we talk about monitors, often does the image of one person stroking a keyboard in front of a computer pops into our mind; when we talk about TV, we remember the time when family gathers around the living-room to watch our favorite show.

Smart TVs nowadays are equipped with operating systems and internet capability. These TVs can connect to Youtube and some pre-set channels deemed useful by the manufactures; we surely do have more option than traditional TVs, but the options are still very limited. One of the main reasons for this limitation is because of its interface.

If we exam the remote controls from TVs currently on the market, we would find that most TVs come with 2 types of remote controls; one of the controller operates the internet activities through Wi-Fi / Bluetooth while the other controller operates TV channels through infrared light. In some cases, wireless mouse are used as the remote control; while this might be an innovated solution, it blurs the focus of what TVs are used for. TVs are built for family entertainment; their purpose is much different than a large screen computer monitor.

Finding the core value

PEGA TV is a Smart TV built by PEGA D&E for PEGATRON. After examining user behaviors and studying hardware possibilities, we came up with an innovated remote control design and a new structure of user interface. We believe PEGA TV can bring family closer together through entertainment.

Incorporating Technology

PEGA TV comes with only one remote control and it transmits both Wi-Fi signals and infrared light. The innovated controller integrates 4 controlling features; it can be used as an Air Mouse, it has a built in Gyroscope, it can be directed with a Trackpad, and it comes equipped with Gesture Control. Users can operate the controller with higher sensibility and still preserve that familiar handling of a remote controller. The controller was aimed to reduce all the complicated buttons and leaving it with a clean and simple design; the number pads are now replaced by a Jogwheel, accompanied with a direction key and a confirm button. Users can now use one simplified remote to control multiple devices through the interface.

A comprehensive support

The interface is a big feature of PEGA TV, it uses a menu browsing instead of common Android App lay-outs; this allows users to distinctly understand what and where to find what they’re looking for. The interface also has a PEGA TV App to reinforce most possible operating situations such as adjusting font size, keying mass amount of words, voice recognition input, etc.

All in all, PEGA TV is a product of precision in current user experiences; we tend to the new trends of user behaviors and incorporate the hardware to match their needs. Even with the massive competition in Smart TV, we are affirmed that PEGA TV will be in the next spot light.