A new era of transformable laptops

When Windows 8 incorporated touch screen in their operating system, it marked a milestone of hardware revolution. Traditional laptops began to integrate touch screens as a standard feature in newer models; these new transformable laptops are called convertible notebooks.

    • 360° product view (drag or swipe the image to view)

    Building the most enjoyable user experience

    In 2013, a 13.3 inch convertible laptop named Morphe was introduced to the market. While designing this laptop, the design team aimed to tackle one of the most common problems while using a laptop touch screen; pressing the screen causes it to wobble. Sophisticated operating system, state of the art hardware technology and a wobbly screen just doesn’t sound like a great mix. In order to present the best user experience, Morphe was designed with a three point balance structure. The new design made some changes to the traditional lay out; the location of the keyboard and the speaker have been switched so it can create better balance, the touch screen is moved closer to the users for better handling, and instead of using traditional touch pad, a pointing stick is equipped as a main input device. Other amazing features also include NFC synchronization and wireless battery charging.

    Matching your needs for every situation

    The main feature of a convertible laptop is its ability to match user’s needs in different type of situations. There are three modes that Morphe provides for different scenarios; laptop mode grants users with high efficiency for deskwork; touch mode utilizes the most performances for windows 8 and tablet mode is most preferred for users that require mobility. Switching through these three modes is made easy with Morphe’s auto-lock design; the hinges are locked during laptop mode and become flexible when switching to touch mode and tablet mode.

    A sensational design

    You can see a lot of design details on Morphe; the exterior is finished with an aluminum layer for visual pleasure and the structure of this computer uses strengthen plastic to reduce its total weight; soft touch paint is coated on the surface for safer and smoother handling and seamless monitor design brings the best viewing pleasure to users. All these details are what make Morphe a great design.