The Theme: Innertelligence

The differentiating feature of human beings is our superior intelligence and also the ability to create and use tools to better our lives. This continuous drive to improve our lives has resulted in the recent proliferation of smart devices which has interconnected the modern society that we live in today. INNERTELLIGENCE refers to PEGATRON's mission to lead the way in the future evolution of our society. We envision a better future and will achieve this dream by combining the profound insights from our careful observations with superior design and precision engineering.

The Visual Design

Innertelligence was formulated by the word inner and intelligence; it wanted to express the development of how information is processed, extracted, prospered and then finally becoming a product. Metaphorically, it represents how employers gain their experience through years of hard work; it represents how ODM industries pay their dues to finally mature.

At the exhibition, displaying racks and stages were built by raw pallets and seats were made by wooden boxes. The respiring light was set to bring a scent of warmth into the area, manifesting the expression of knowledge and sense, professionalism and the unadorned quality which we always pursue.