It’s not a wearable device; it’s a wearable fashion that also grants you superior working efficiency

When smart phones came into our lives, it replaced our needs for wrist watches. It was inevitable since one of the main functions of a watch was to tell time, and there are hundreds and hundreds of time telling apps on a phone. Although there are lots of things that a smart phone can do, it could never replace the nostalgic classiness, fashion sensation a watch could provide.

Technology didn’t allow us to have a high tech smart watch in the past, but now that we’re living in the future, all of these fantasies have become reality. That’s exactly why all of the major electronics brand-names are investing in wrist watch alike devices; Jawbone up, Fitbit Force, and Sony Smartband are health related wrist band devices that have already introduced themselves to this new market.

PEGA D&E spotted this trend, but had a different interpretation. In 2013, PEGA D&E designed a smart watch tailored for smart workers. The watch has an elegant appearance, while at the same time, provides far superior convenience and communication abilities better than any other office’s communications equipment on the market. The watch was named after a demigod in the Greek mythology; it was given the name “The Hercules”.

The Mightiest Companion for Work

The Hercules is a device aimed to increase work efficiency and the key to efficiency is good communication; with the integrated NFC function, the Hercules provides us with access to multiple identity and information through one device:

Work Mode: In the company secured network, Hercules acts as an identity badge; while the work mode is on, you can sign in / out of work, receive training information and internal activity updates. Hercules also allows you to synchronize your calendars, emails, contacts to remind you of important meetings.

Work ModeName Card (Transfer) Mode: By contacting the watch with another NFC device, users can exchange business card information, contacts or even documents and files.

Transaction Mode: Hercules can be registered to the cooperation to activate money transfer for business inquires. It can also, through a third party certification, act as a digital wallet for day to day expenses.

The Harmony in Work & Life

Hercules isn’t all just about granting you advantage at work, it also is a health monitor device which increase your life qualities. The device records your daily activities and sleeping patterns which could be used to help you modify your exercise frequency and eating patterns. It monitors body information and motivates you to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

A User Friendly Interface

The screen of a wrist watch is considerably smaller, that’s why Hercules is equipped with OLED panels so it could display both texts and images to ensure better viewing. The single button design slims down all unnecessary maneuverings to make the handling of the device swift and impressive. The materials used on this watch make sure the device is both sturdy and elegant, even the buttons are made with precision ceramic to avoid wear and tear.

Astonishing Quality dedicated into its accessories

Hercules is a delicately designed wrist watch; the device comes in four different colors which each demonstrate professionalism at work and still grants you your chicly sensation once you leave the office.