An Era of a New Force

In June 2012, Microsoft introduced a new pad computer - the Windows Surface. The 10.8 inch pad computer not only demonstrates Microsoft’s maturity in hardware & software integrations, but also shows their determination of entering the pad computer market. Later in the same year, Microsoft’s new operating system – Windows 8 followed the same determination and announced their Metro UI interface; shortly after that, Windows 8 became the world’s most wildly used desktop touch screen operating system.

Instant Present, Always Ready

As the Windows 8 trend slowly and steadily grows into the main operating system, hardware utilities have been designed to enhance its overall performance. A perfect example would be PEGA D&E’s new design - Pad Pier.

Pad Pier is small docking device that connects your pad computer to your environment, instantly. Imagine yourself walking into a meeting room, the very second you put your pad computer on the table (where the docking device is), three things will happen; first, your computer is supported by wireless battery charging so it won’t shut down during the presentation, 2nd, your presentation is instantly projected on screen by the support of Miracast Technology, and 3rd, because of windows 8’s multiple desktop feature, all the information on the public screen are filtered by your pre-set “meeting-mode”.

In the past decade, “plug-n-play” was convenient and handy, that’s why we’re so much more excited when technology finally allows us to “drop-n-play”; the very second that your pad reaches Pad Pier, it is ready for you to use at any situation, no matter if it’s at your office desk, at a client’s to do presentation, or at your own living room browsing internet on your big screen TV.

No more hassle, no more wires, no more waiting and no more worries. Pad Pier connects you to every environment you need to be at and it gives you the absolute freedom to take your life anywhere, anytime.

Platform Integration

Pad Pier allows your information to be always ready and always on the go.


Instant Log-In

The NFC identification system instantly logs you into the Intranet

Multi Desktop Recognition

With the support of Windows 8’s Multiple Desktop feature, users are able to decide which desktops are illustrated at different environments.

Presentation Ready

Users can project the image through Miracast on to big screens for meetings while having an online meeting on a different desktop.

Wireless Battery Recharging

The wireless battery recharging feature further extends the battery time.


Free Angle Docking

Pad Pier allows different docking angles for different user experiences.

The 3C world is ever evolving, and it is our mission as a hardware manufacture company to constantly improve the interactions between human and machine. Pad Pier was changed and modified to suit the new operating systems, at the same time; it helped us re-evaluate what is needed for the next computing era.