In the past decade, wireless mobile technology and information/communication gadgets have advanced beyond our expectation. We are entering an era called Internet of Things. The word IoT is a concept which states eventually we would be able to connect anytime, at any location, with any object; which in terms means we would be able to sync to pretty much everything in our surroundings. Connecting with everything seems convenient at first, but without a certain guide-line, massive information could turn chaotic. In order to do fully enjoy the benefits of technology, we have to first re-define what the requirements of our standard living looks like in the future.

Mobile Syncing while Mobile

For this project, we decide to toggle the topic of what could be in a future vehicle. We believe, with the trend of current technology, it is not hard to foresee a few implementations; a futuristic vehicle would be able to provide personalized information through syncing with our cell phone, it would have an integrated control platform which can be controlled by simple hand gestures to provide GPS (ground positioning system), LBS (location based services), and MPS (mobile payment services).

The Core Concepts

1.Identity Access
Upon entering the vehicle, drivers would be able to activate personalized settings and retrieve desired information simply by syncing our cell phone to the vehicle system.

2.Drag and Drop GPS system
An integrated control platform would replace traditional GPS devices; on the new platform, users would be able to drag and drop locations, restaurants and even contacts to retrieve location directions.

While the vehicle is not in motion, drives can send/receive
E-mails or SMS through typing or voice activation.

4.Location Based Service
The vehicle platform would be able to retrieve nearby services such as restaurants, hotels, etc… The mobile wallet then pays the fee and communicates with the service provider to best determine the timing on when the vehicles arrive.

Flux intelligence is what the future holds for us; we would be to retrieve useful information of our surroundings anywhere, anytime, through the tip of our finger.