Color is a stimulant; there is a long list of history demonstrating how color affects our emotions. Colors are used in advertisements to generate impulsive shopping, they are used in paintings to express passion and they are used in venues to create atmosphere.

ColorUp is a table lamp with an interesting light bulb design; when the light bulb touches another surface, the color frequency is absorbed and the lamp changes to shine in that same color.

Present perfect

In 2011, PEGA D&E exhibited a series of electronic interactive designs under the title “Present Perfect”. Each of the designs has a unique purpose to explore the pathway of creating a better user experience. Instead of explaining how ColorUp’s optical mechanism works, PEGA D&E creates a space to demonstrate the impact; users walk into the room, give ColorUp a squeeze, and then instantly redefine the atmosphere of that space. In that very instant, the whole room changes its ambience to accommodate your vibes.

Capture vivid colors

A light bulb which can grasp colors from anything in your surroundings grants you the atmosphere of a lounge, a library or a pizza joint all in your living room. We believe most people have thought about changing the colors of their walls or surroundings, but it was too troublesome and most of us just give up and forget about it. That is the user experience ColorUp is changing; start remembering the passion you have for colors, start remembering the times you wish you could just change all the colors in your room, because now you can.

ColorUp’s main material is silicone; its elastic property makes it perfect for creating a squeezable light bulb. By using the color frequencies detecting and transforming technique, users are able to suck in few hundred frequencies of colors and beam it through the light bulb.

Making ideas a reality

There were a number of obstacles which the design team had to overcome before ColorUp was market ready; the balance between the thickness of the silicon layer and the brightness of the light bulb was one of those obstacles. A thicker silicon layer means it needs a brighter bulb; a bright bulb requires a bigger battery; a bigger battery of course means bigger size. How fast will the bulb bounce back? How do we maintain the visual elegance while squeezing the bulb? After numerous discussions and try outs, ColorUp will finally be introduced to market in 2014.

The interactive user experience enhances the very basics of a light source; we can now change it to any color we want. ColorUp’s designer said: “We wanted to redesign the connection users had with their products, by doing a playful squeeze and letting ColorUp light up that color, you know that the users is touched and inspired by your design, that’s the amazing part about interactive designs.”