Windows 8 was Microsoft’s first operating system that incorporates touch-screen technology as its primary selling feature. Since then, different convertible PCs has steadily been introduced by well-known technology firms into the market. Convertible PCs have now successfully penetrated and divided the market, giving consumers a new choice between laptops and pad computers, helping buyers finding the best option that suits their needs.

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    The Opportunity

    Most of the convertible PCs on the market define their default user environment as laptop users; they are users who are familiar of having a screen with a keyboard. Contrary to this popular belief, our observation indicates that convertible PCs are most widely used while in between commute and majorly for entertainment purposes; in this case, keyboard input becomes less significant while browsing internet or watching video and films. Due to these insight, we believe that the default user mode should be set to emphasize the environment of a pad computer.


    A Smooth Transaction for Every Part of Your Life

    Bach was designed tailored to Windows 8’s diverse user environments; it is a convert-portable (convertible & portable) PC system that can be effortlessly carried everywhere to suit different types of user’s needs. There are 3 different modes to choose from: 1. Tablet Mode – Fun is a click away: tablet mode allows users to instantly connect to internet for browsing, reading and gaming. 2. Stand Mode – Bringing pleasure everywhere you go: under the back panel is an aluminum alloy post which is designed to support the screen. When users are watching films / videos of longer length, the supporting post can be retrieved and adjusted for various angles. This allows effortlessly viewing pleasure. 3. Keyboard Input Mode – Work, work: aside from leisure and entertainment, the key function of a computer is to bring productivity. When users are required to type a lot for preparing reports or presentations, a thin, hidden, scissor-switch keyboard can be retrieved from under the aluminum alloy post to handle typing needs.

    The Hidden Details

    The convertible PC is often switched between different modes; therefore, wear and tear becomes an important issue. In order to extend the durability of the product, a U shaped structure connector is designed for supporting the pivots and trestles; this greatly reduces the chances of the connectors becoming lose or stuck during the transitions. The keyboard uses magnetic property to latch on to bottom of the surface, and it can be easily retrieved by pushing the keyboard downwards out of the magnetic locking area.

    The texture and appearance of Bach is carefully designed; the top panel uses an anodized aluminum plate with a hair line brush finishing, connected to its fuchsia colored side panel; the keyboard is hidden is hidden in the side panel where the color also matches the fuchsia finishing. All of these flawlessly connect each counter parts, creating a beautiful, aesthetic look, while also giving a smooth and comfortable grip.

    A Difference in Finish, A Difference in Market

    Lastly, our design team practiced a color marketing exercise to differentiate the target market. There are two colors scheme which you can choose from Bach: (A) The sun yellow matt paint finishing which presents a warm and comfortable touch. (B) The silver metal paint finishing which demonstrate the sharpness, light weight and professionalism of technology products. /p>