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    An unusual hardware revolution stroke by software

    All-In-One computers, commonly referred as AIO computers, have grown to replace a certain amount of traditional desktop computers. By integrating the computer tower into a touch screen, AIO computers give users a clean, comfortable working environment. Hand in hand, this opens a pool of possibility of how we interact with our compute technology.

    The old, the new, the changed

    One could say that touch screen technology is the trend for the computer industry. AIO computers were bold enough to set and lead the trend since few years back; however, touch interaction has evolved and leaped a great length since then. When Microsoft introduced Windows 8, it urged us to rethink and look into details of why & how touch technology should be built; for example, the height, distance and viewing angle of traditional monitor no longer applies to touch screen monitors these days and we must come up with a new concept.

    A new innovation of pad computers

    Our aim is to give users a comfortable handling of the device. In order to do so, the design team observed and studied how users normally grasp pad computers and smart phones; the result is then used to determine how the angle of the bearings should be built. The end result: the 23 Inch All-In-One Computer – Altitude. Altitude isn’t an AIO with touch technology; when we designed Altitude, it was envisioned as a mega size pad computer. One of the most crucial concepts when designing a pad computer is its weight; Altitude integrates the operating system and all the I/O ports into the stand to minimize the weight of the monitor. Consequently, a slim, slick and easily handled device is here to answer our needs for the next generations AIO computers.