A new design implementing high end milling techniques and it turns out to be both a pleasure to the eyes and the touch.

The new generations have become accustomed to using computers literately at any place and any time; people use computers at work, they use it on the go, they use it in the kitchen, the living room, they use it everywhere… heck, they even use it in the loo. At the same time, touch screen has become standard equipment on most of the laptops sold nowadays, so manufactures really need to adapt new designs to tailor to these new using scenarios. Terraria is a multi-functional ultrabook. It is equipped with a special 360 degree dual-hinge design which allows its screen to be folded back-to-back; with this mechanism, the ultrabook could be used in four different modes for various different scenarios.


Four Different Modes – One Simple Motion

The dual-hinge design allows users to work in four different modes, each having its benefitting unique operating style:

The Laptop Mode

This of course, is the most traditional way to operate a computer; in this mode, users mostly prefer the use of keyboards and mouse. The Laptop Mode grants highest productivity, especially when working with documents and deskwork.

The Stand Mode

The Stand Mode is normally used for anything that doesn’t require you constantly touching the computer. The angle can be adjusted so the viewing pleasure is ensured; you can use this in the kitchen to play cooking shows while you cook, put it on a coffee table to have a video chat with a friend, or use it while you’re watching a movie in bed. The touch-pad & keys also lock themselves after exceeding certain degree so you wouldn’t have to worry about accidently interrupting your entertainment.

The Tent Mode

The Tent Mode is designed for Windows 8 operation system. Since using a touch screen requires a lot of touching and pushing the screen, it is very important that the ultrabook is stable and wouldn’t slide off the table. The TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) used to make the edge of this ultrabook has many useful properties including elasticity, transparency, resistance to oil, grease and abrasion. It is a perfect choice of material to make the computer stay sturdy and clean.

The Tablet Mode

The fourth mode, of course, is the tablet mode. This mode focuses on the convenience of its mobility. The tablet mode can be used while standing or walking; a good scenario would be a presenting at a company meeting, or if you need to handle information on the go.

The Spec / Details

The 13.3 inch Terraria is only 12.6mm thick and 1.2kg in weight. The computer is mainly built with aluminum alloy combined with unidirectional carbon fiber; this grants the device with a durable and graceful metal appearance while significantly reducing the total weight of the machine. The lid surface is where high amount of detail is illustrated; the surface texture is created by using the CNC (computer numeric control) method to generate a smooth yet remarkable milling mark, these milling marks are only seen on the highest quality of luxurious sound systems. The computer industry is slowly achieving its capability in hardware specs but there is still much room for its appearance to improve. Terraria is a new experience implementing high end milling techniques and it turns out to be both a pleasure to the eyes and the touch. As we explore deeper into this field, we will continue to discover new methods to a better design.