There was the time when bringing a 5kg laptop everywhere was praised as “mobile”, and there is the presenet where we can retreieve information from anywhere we want and work “smart”. Office is no longer a cubical where we sit infront of a computer all day, not when this century has offered us light-weight laptops, computer pads, clouds and smartphones. These smart devices have changed the ways we work; we now need to work on projects on the go, we now need to do presentations on the go, we now need to hold meetings on the go. This is exactly why, we need this omni-directional bluetooth conference device – Rotary, on the road with us.

Clean, Light-Weighted, and Intuitive

Rotary is an Omni-directional Bluetooth conference device; the word Omni-directional refers to the microphone which receives sounds from 360 degrees. The Rotary has a great sound performance un-proportioned to its small size and its light-weight. Most importantly, this device is easy to use and ready to go, just bring it out from your suitcase or handbag and this conference device connects you right away.


The Classic

The Rotary has a very intuitive design; it looks like a huge volume knob. Frankly, you use the Rotary like a volume knob as well; when you turn the knob clockwise the volume increases, when you turn it counter clockwise the volume decreases. During meetings, if you need to have a private discussion within your company, all you have to do is push this volume knob and it turns into “Mute” mode.

The Beauty in the Deatails

The physical appearance of Rotary is combined of 36 polygonal surface, each angle presents a distinct metal shine. The top speaker surface is processed by etching technique, gradually creating a concentric circle design which demonstrates its metal quality and texture. All in all, the finishing of Rotary is done with the highest precision to present the stylish taste of its owner.

Depending on the user’s demand of online conference, you can also choose the advanced version of Rotary which includes a high definition camera. This device eliminates all the heavy lifting of a laptop and allows users to work mainly on smart devices.