After the long day’s work, we all build up tension and stress. There are no better ways to release that stress than having a cup of tea and spending some quality time with our family. When we paint our blueprint for the future, families are always the main focus of that picture.

Enjoying the Beautiful Moments of Our Lives

Technology is an important factor in the evolution of 3C product; it allows the hardware to be more efficient. At PEGA D&E, we believe in the bonding created by design; it is the bonding that pushes us forward in the evolution of how to be human. Glasgow is the product of both technology and design. Glasgow is an intelligent weighing scale that observes and records the health status of our family members; it uses optical measuring technology to measure our height and weight, and stores the information through low power consumption Bluetooth data transfer. Users can compare these information and help maintain the health of our family members.

An Optimized User Experience that Touches Our Hearts

If you want to describe the texture quality of Glasgow, you could easily sum it up into two words, clean and neat. The stepping scale is designed mainly using a glossy, seamless stepping surface. Compared to traditional weight & BMI scales, Glasgow requires no buttons and is automatically activated when user steps on to it. With a simple hand gesture, we’re now able to measure the height of our family members. Glasgow measures body weight, body fat, BMI, Visceral fat and body age; these information are then sent to our computer or smart device to be calculated and monitored. Once we understand the health conditions of our family members, we are able to find the suitable diet and exercise plan that best fits our needs.

A New Crafting Method to Enhance Quality

Glasgow is a successful implantation of AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) and ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) technology in household products. The oxide coating allows Glasgow to measure body fat by its glass surface, eliminating the procedure of drilling holes during manufacture process and bringing out the texture only a whole piece of glass could give. The metal boarders are forged with the same precision of diamond cutting, making it shine with an Iridescence glow. Glasgow isn’t just an improvement in household smart products, it is also advance in household esthetics.

This project is collaboration between PEGA D&E and Corning Incorporated. In early 2014, Corning Incorporated announced its Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass at the International Consumer Electronics Show, this technology was licensed and registered with the U.S. EPA and it is the same technology which is used on Glasgow. The surface of this glass is injected with silver ions as the antimicrobial agent, it is safe and suitable to be used in household or office environments alike. “Touching” is the main interaction method in the past, and most likely, the next decade; therefore the inventing of this surface would most defiantly improve our general life quality.

Using a hand gesture to control the device to capture our height sounds like a straightforward action, but in reality, it requires a lot of calculation and experiments. Why is it so hard? You may ask. For one thing, light is not a linear variable. Optical inspection measures the differences in its surrounding to calculate the possible source of cause. A complex algorithm is required in the making of this product, and we couldn’t have done it without the help of our software engineers. After countless trials and errors, we are finally able to proudly present the amazing Glasgow.

This development of this project was stretched over the period of half a year, and now the product can be used together with APPs. In the future, we would like to challenge ourselves in the integration of other wearable devices; devices that can measure heart beats, blood pressure, cardiopulmonary functions, exercise modes and data should allow us to provide a comprehensive health monitoring system.