Market Background

Taiwan has one of the highest densities in numbers of factories and road vehicles. In metropolitan areas, motor scooters are ubiquitously scurrying in every corner of the city; thus, creating an impact on air pollution problems. In order to maintain a standard life quality, many house hold are starting to acquire air purifiers; this increasing pursue for clean air has made many major household electronic brands rethink their strategy in the purifier market.

A Challenge in the Niche Market

Air purifiers have been around for a while and it has always been considered as a niche market; it is where manufactures force their resource to demonstrate their strength. In 2013, the renowned brand 3M introduced their newest technology, a high efficiency activated charcoal filter sheet which is 3x to 5x more efficient than competitors’ products; this new product is superior in filtering ability, air cleanness rate and odor removal.

To 3M, this is definitely an advance worth celebrating; however, the challenge has just begun. Having a great product only wins the easy half of the battle; the other half is introducing and convincing consumers that the product is really worth every penny. This is why 3M came to PEGA D&E and began the collaboration on this product – The 3M Filtrete™ ULTIMATE Room Air Purifiers.

Breakthrough! Onwards!

It is safe to imagine that pure is associated with the color white, at least 90% of the air purifiers on the market seem to agree. 3M wants their product to stand out from the crowd and open a new horizon for the purifier market, but how determined are they? PEGA D&E’s designers went on and pitched: “We’ve decided to do something other companies won’t do, we’re changing the color of the front panel, and we’re changing how we place the detachable components. Color is intuitive; white did always represent pureness and clean but having any other colors than white doesn’t mean the product is going to suffer in performance in any way. The important thing is how you pass on the image of powerful cleaning and how consumers perceive it.” 3M, accepted the concept in this design logic and also agreed to it. As we recall, that was the moment when we knew 3M is determined to charge onward into a whole new horizon.

Persistence, for Perfection

It takes a few dialogs to ensure the direction of the design, and then a great project manager to communicate the ideas and support the actions; luckily, 3M’s team support greatly enhanced this collaboration. A good design is very sensitive to the balance between the essence of quality and cost control of quantity; which PEGA D&E has fully experienced whilst its OEM period. Now, with the advantage of being an ODM design firm, designers can directly communicate with manufacture and assembly line within a same system. The product is made perfectly to its design. The streamlined design air purifier is equipped with an upgraded air circulator, adapted with 3M’s patented electro static filtering technology, can effectively freshen up any indoor environment. The machine can be set on multiple timers or different air intake. An indicator will show if the filters need to be changed.


A Recognition, and Applause

This is one of 3M’s main product to promote in 2014 - The Filtrete™ ULTIMATE Air Purifiers. It has so far won this year’s iF Product Design Award and will continually amaze more consumers. The designing concept resembles the cleanness and freshness of an ongoing waterfall, the minimalist appearance of the purifier makes it easy to match different kinds of decorations. You may describe it as having a futuristic look or you can say it is a staid piece which would blend effortlessly into office settings.