A Stylish Main Visual – Introducing the Streaming, Energetic, Brand-New Taipei Image.

The TAIPEI WORLD DESIGN EXPO '11 focuses on promoting the creativities and visions of cross-platform interventions naming the main theme "Design at the Edges". Taipei City is one of the major cities where these clashes happen. At Expo '11, the Taipei Pavilion uses the title "Taipei –Design for Living" to introduce the city image. With more and more recognition of the beautiful Taipei, Taipei City is aiming to bid for the title of 2016 World Design Capital.

  • Keep the circular shape of traditional Chinese steamers

Appointed by the Taipei City Government, PEGA D&E was invited to manage the overall visual design, and execution of the 990 square meter Taipei Pavilion. The general design of Taipei Pavilion uses line and stripes instead of blocks of colors; the lightening design illustrates how young and energetic Taipei City is. The theme color of the Pavilion focuses on two colors, viridian green and azure blue. The bright color of green symbolizes the vitalities of our design, while the deep color of blue symbolizes the foresights and visions of our city.

The ideas of these colors are applied as the main theme in the expo; items such as light boxes, posters, brochures, invitations, guiding signs, and advertising videos also use these two colors to introduce our spirits in design. The most interesting and eye-catching design would be the two arc-shaped stripes alongside the Taipei Pavilion title. These two arcs, also in the color of viridian green and azure blue, are specially placed to imitate the Chinese character "Pei" in the word "Tai-Pei"

The Declaration for Design: The Voice Interactive Platform

In order to become the World Design Capital, the support of our citizens is a crucial part to our achievement. PEGA D&E designed a voice interactive platform where citizen can come and show their support. The platform is a circle with a diameter of 4 meters and is surrounded by 8 vintage microphones. When citizens declare their support through the microphones, the projections on the floor change according to the volume of their voice and the signature of their sound wave. Each and every of these interactions symbolizes the bond between the citizens and our government; all of us declaring our support for Taipei City to become the World Design Capital in 2016.

  • The Voice Interaction Platform: The projection on the floor forms a more sophisticated scene as more people simultaneously declare their support.