The Hidden Secretes Behind the Price Tags

PEGA D&E enters the IDA Congress Taipei 2011 uncovering the "Tangible Value" of a product design. The exhibition challenges us to explore what tangible value truly means. From a designer's perspective, tangible value consists of two things; the visible costs of producing the product and the sensual value of the experience of using the product. The visible costs are production costs such as designing fees, managing fees, packing fees, transportations fees, material deteriorations, maintenance fees, marketing spending and so on.

The sum of all the costs above creates the product which you buy; however, when you purchase a product, you receive more than that; you gain an experience. The sensual experience is what you aim to have when you purchase a product. You purchase a beautiful dress knowing that it will make you look fabulous. You buy soy-milk maker knowing that it will make you healthy. In easy terms, the tangible value is the cost of making a product plus the state of mind when you experience it.

  • The colorful and attractive exhibition board is composed of nonwoven fabric.

  • The dynamic projection display demonstrates an intriguing interactive exhibition.