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Cross-Industry Alliance Creates New Possibilities

In 2011, the Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) announced a new development in ester-based breathable and water-repellent textiles. Emphasized are the material's moisture absorption, diffusion, and desorption properties but it is also unique for being waterproof, windproof, and recyclable, making the material applicable to a vast array of outdoor activities as professional sportswear, having both the qualities of fashion and technology.

  • Raincoat has never been so practical and sytlish

PEGA's Light Fairy LED Jacket won the 2011 iF Product Design Award. This year, PEGA collaborated with TTRI again, using their new technology to create a design that bicycle enthusiasts can't refuse – the RainHugger.

A Smart and Fashionable Design

This design is specially tailored to meet the needs of city bikers. RainHugger is a raincoat and a backpack at the same time, so that even if the weather changes while commuting there is no need to worry. Thanks to a specially designed buckle and unique folding technique, bikers can easily put on the raincoat without the hassle of getting off their bike. No longer do bikers need to ride miserably in the rain; RainHugger makes biking enjoyable in any weather condition! Once indoors, easily detach the raincoat from the backpack and hang it up to dry, the fabric is able to quickly desorb water so that it is ready to wear before you head out again.

  • Smart buckle design

  • Time-saving process to attach and detach