A brand new product to replace plastic shelling: Paper PP Alloy. A paper based shelling material that is strong, sturdy, environmentally friendly and inexpensive to make.

The 2011 award winning material

PEGA D&E is honored to be rewarded third year in a row with the iF Material Award. PEGA D&E takes pride in their research for environmentally friendly materials and designs, thus creating "The Bamboo Series", "Cellulose Acetate" and of course, the new era of green energy "PLA + Recycled PC". Now, we would like to introduce, for the first time to the world, the 2011 award winning material that would revolutionize the world of laptop computer making, "Paper PP Alloy".

  • The 2011 award winning material : Paper PP Alloy

The material for the future: Recyclable, Reusable.

Paper PP Alloy is a new material for consumer electronic manufactures to choose from; this new material is made of the combination of recyclable paper and PP (Polypropylene). After research, development and experiments, PEGA D&E successfully created the paper based material. Because of the paper characteristic of this product, Paper PP Alloy is recyclable and reusable.

  • the combination of recyclable paper and PP (Polypropylene)