Supor , a Chinese brand under Tefal, utilizes Tefal's current technology to develop a variety of high-quality products.

As economies develop and living standards rise, people begin to pursue better living qualities, including healthier lifestyles. Eating habits thus become a major concern in many households, where "steaming" emerges as a preferred method for cooking. Consequently, electric steamers have been gaining popularity around the world as their sales steadily increase and benefits receive recognition.

Reveal Strengths and Brand Value

For this particular design project, our team focused on the convenience series to solidify Supor's leading position in the steamer market and reveal Supor's strengths and brand value through innovative technology and design. Hence, the steamer is defined to become a necessary item in the kitchen, rather just a simple tool.

We not only considered practicality, ease of use, and pleasant style, but also looked at situations of heavy usage to come up with the most convenient operating system for the user: Modifying the handle to increase comfort, adjusting the concavity to prevent spillage, diverting the air flow to avoid food odor mixing, making space for storage, and etc.

Blind Innovation and Traditions

To cater to Chinese consumers, our team chose to keep the circular shape of traditional Chinese steamers instead of the oval and elongated shapes of foreign steamers. The simple yet dynamic straight line design, along with the contrast between stainless steel and smooth plastic, gives the electric steamer a friendly and fashionable look.

  • Keep the circular shape of traditional Chinese steamers