La New is one of the most well-known Taiwanese footwear brands; it is most recognized for its product standards for healthy, comfort and quality demand. In 2002, the brand PLAYA was established to expand the business segment into the youth generation. By inheriting the brand spirit of La New, PLAYA attracts health conscious fashion youngsters who share the same vision with its brand. In 2009, PEGA D&E accepted the recommendation from Taiwan Design Center and began the collaboration with PLAYA.

In the past, PLAYA worked with many foreign designers and endorsed the shoes by those designers. The goal was to stand out from the other leisure shoe brands within a short time frame; however, a major drawback was discovered with this method. The direction made it hard for PLAYA to establish its own brand image, making it fall into different segments and causing it to lose focus.

After studying the fashion trend and infusing it with the Taiwanese image, PEGA D&E implied their design taste and crafted few different themed shoe designs. These designs call upon our fondest memories and the images which we all share. Pieces by pieces, each part are delicately assembled together; no matter the color, exterior, material, metal piece, sewing or soles, you could see new inspirations and nostalgic memories from all these designs. This project introduced PLAYA to some different perspective and some new direction. This collaboration is a major cross-industry success and it allows PEGA D&E to expand their ideas into the fashion industry.

The Urban Adventurer’s Film

This shoe design reveals the style of urban adventure footwear. You can find the old Taiwanese street patterns on the shoe exterior design.

The Image of Tiling

If you examine the traditional tiles, you would find cement in between the tile seams. This design extracts the concept of construction method and applies it on the shoe materials; the hard protection leather is covered upon the soft comfortable inner layer of canvas.