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New Age

A New Era for the Simple and the Slim

While Intel has been expanding their Ultrabook concepts, their competitor ARM has not fallen behind either. Introducing the New Age notebook computer, equipped with an ARM processor paired with the Windows 8 operating system, a combination that enhances a lightweight, slim, and battery-saving product concept.

The Wholesome Product Placement Strategy

The New Age notebook computer is an all new creation made to compete with all the various brands on the market.
The 13.3 inch laptop is manufactured using the concept structure of "Windows on ARM"; the materials and application chosen for this laptop not only creates the perfect balance between the hardware and the software but it also enhances the design.

Due to the progress in ARM's manufacturing process, the New Age notebook computer was able to successfully form a combination between aluminum stamping and plastic processing. The end product is a 0.8mm thin surface which has both the light and delicate texture of aluminum, and the cost efficiency of plastic. This allows ARM, with higher cost efficiency and outstanding pricing advantages, to place their product under the lower priced market position; which creates a whole new standard for the laptop market.

The product placement highlights the following: light weight, easily portable, super slim, and superior battery life.