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A Product That Conveyed A Sense of Relaxation to the User.

Electronic products are gradually taking over all aspects of our everyday lives. While they bring increased convenience, coming to grips with their function and instructions has become a chore. Hyaline was developed as a response to this phenomenon. The goal of the designer was to create a product that conveyed a sense of relaxation to the user.

The first impression of Hyaline is a pure sensation of floating. Through the use of clear materials and a crisp white exterior the screen seems to gently hover as a separate part above the ground. The Hyaline is designed to liberate the user as well; detect wireless networks without having to turn the machine on, touch the power button light to see the remaining battery capacity and with a quick gesture draw a cross on the touch pad to automatically turn it off. The intuitive interface has won many patents and created a new liberating experience. With the Hyaline you can easily imagine yourself casually writing a blog in the café with the sunlight washing gently over the keyboard.

  • Translucent and light, dreamlike but real.