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Project Background

AkzoNobel Group is the world's leading architectural paint manufacturer; many of the world's premium paint brands acquire their products from AkzoNobel supply chain. AkzoNobel Group strives to provide a leading and comprehensive series of interior, exterior, decorative and protective paint that satisfy the demands of professionals and home-owners alike.

In 2008, the Netherlands based company AkzoNobel merged with the British-based company ICI, becoming the world's largest paint supplier. Dulux Paint of Taiwan inherits its environmentally friendly management vision from AkzoNoble, and in 2011 proposed a collaboration with PEGA D&E, aiming to give customers brand new user experience through PEGA's observant designs.

Designing a New User Experience

Research indicates that paint is most commonly stored in metal containers, which rust easily and cannot be reused. The containers are hard to handle and paint often dries up on the rim, preventing the lid from sealing effectively and causing the paint to solidify. For an experienced paint professional, eventually these problems can be solved, but for an amateur just trying to DIY it is an inconvenience. Therefore our designers gathered observations based on their own experiences of choosing colors, buying paint, mixing colors, painting, and cleaning up, finding the problems that occur and trying possible solutions.