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Crease Light

Even a simple table lamp can enhance the mood of the moment. Combining traditional paper-folding techniques with current LED technology, Crease Light defies our stereotypical perceptions of lamps as rigid and detached. Instead, the lamp lights up our daily lives through playful interactions.

Debuted at the Milan Furniture Fair 2011, Crease Light attracted curious attention for its originality. Beginning as unlit and flat, the lamp can easily transform to its self-standing volumetric form by a small pull-out switch. Expanding and contracting the lamp shade adjusts the brightness of the light. This interaction design makes the lamp friendly and engaging. For such a unique lamp, PEGA D&E's customized package also stood out as another exhibit piece at the fair.

A Customized Package for a Unique Product

The Crease Light package is specifically designed to highlight Crease Light's distinctive features. Slim, flat, and side-less, the package visually emphasizes Crease Light's two-dimensionality. The package is also made from the same polypropylene (PP) material as Crease Light, echoing interior with exterior. The transparency of the package fully displays the pattern of the inner product, eliminating the need for differentiation on the packaging.