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In 2011, Intel introduced the next generation notebook computer – the Ultrabook. The Ultrabook had various features which were built to compete with tablet computers; these features decreased the tablet overall weight, increased the battery life, and improved various internet real-time synchronization abilities. In 2012, Windows 8 Operating System was released. PEGATRON decides that the new operating system is a great opportunity for a breakthrough in the notebook industry, and thus released the new Ultrabook CP1 Series. The CP1 Series perfectly balances the hardware and software factors; not only it offers faster and better computing abilities, it is also the most cost effective Ultrabook on the market.

The Challenges and the Breakthroughs

The CP1 Notebook Computer Series is an example of the optimization of the hardware components which are on current markets. The CP1 series is currently the thinnest notebook computer of its kind; the reconfigurations and redesigning process eliminates the excess volume and emits an irresistible charm.

The Qualities and the Craftsmanship

The introduction of Gallop sat a new high bar for many computer developers and engineers. This notebook computer already holds the record of 13.4mm for the thinnest notebook computer in the industry, but the special surface and the lining design even further enhances the visual sensation of thinness. The all metal body exhibits professionalism and quality; the heat sink and the speakers are concealed under a metal screen, creating a clean and unified visual styling, making the design suitable for all kinds of environment.