:: PEGA D&E :: Awards
POOH - Product Design
"Translate balloon volume into brightness" is the central technology. As the pump inflates the balloon the light becomes brighter as well.
CAMO - Product Design
A piece of art display that no one would expect it to shine as a light source.
Exchange - Communication Design
The visual display is connected by continuous image stitching, reading it in either direction can still give the audiences the full message.
Terraria - Product Design
A new design implementing high end milling techniques.
3M Filtrete™ FA-T series - Product Design
The Filtrete™ ULTIMATE room air purifiers provide high-efficiency indoor air filtration.
Thor - Product Design
A wireless touch display-remove the boundaries of the smart home experience.
Flux Intelligence - Communication Design
Step into the new era of internet of things.
Now and New - Exhibition Visual Design
Use small mockup to illustrate a conversation between object and people.
Touch Me - Exhibition Visual Design
Neutral colors and soft materials for the logo match the idea of inviting.
Soy Milk Maker - Product Design
Modern design for the traditional Chinese drink.
Supor Steamer - Product Design
Utilizes Tefal's current technology to develop a variety of high-quality products.
From Smart to Savvy - Exhibition Visual Design
Delivering a different point of view, emphasizing a new relationship between smart and savvy.
Dali - Product Design
A perfectly suiting device for Windows 8, and is designed for both working and multimedia usages.
Dotty -Product Design
Assist the visually impaired in their pre-school period or anyone who is new to Braille.
New Age - Product Design
Designed to use Windows on ARM systems, the New Age is light weight, slim, and handful.
Present Perfect - Exhibition Visual Communication Design
Present perfect is an invitation to live the moment, enjoy the present tense.
Crease Light - Product Packaging Design
A tailor-made package design for our compact Crease Light.
Pumplight - Table Lamp
Balloon-shaped table lamp
Cellulose Acetate - Material Innovation
Brings new possibilities on Notebook design.
Light Fairy - LED Yarn Windbreaker
Make use of LED yarn's specialties to improve on the safety for cyclists.
PP Alloy - Material Innovation
Paper based shelling material that is strong, flexible, green, and accessible.
Tea Giving - Package Design
Modern twist on traditions, embodying the spirit of "Tea Giving."
Bloom - Exhibition Design
A pleasant and lively interactive experience for visitors.
Italia - 13.3" Laptop
A frame-based laptop which breaks boundry of design.
California - 13.3" Laptop
The first laptop made by aluminum extrusion process
Lucid - 11.6" Tablet PC
Slim and lightweight tablet PC, with intuitive user interface.
Soy Milk Maker Joyoung
Modern design for the traditional Chinese drink.
PLA + Recycled PC Material Innovation
New breakthrough on PLA alloy technology.
Dao Cha - Paper Tea Pot
An exclusive package design for tea pot, cup and tea bag.
A novel interpretation of origami art at the 100% Design Shanghai.
Just Draw It - An Intuitive Power Controller
Schedule your own power plan with a simple stroke.
The Bamboo Series - Material Innovation
Eight-step treatment to make bamboo possible for notebook.
Cellulose Acetate - Material Innovation
Brings new possibilities on Notebook design.
Simple and easy connection for your daily life.
Cape7 - Mini Desktop
The world's smallest and most lightweight desktop computer.
Infectious Light
See how we change the feeling of an object merely by turning it on and off.
Mighty Mouse
Compact, elegant and full functional mini PC.
Pumplight - Table Lamp
Balloon-shaped table lamp